A Strategic Approach

When you select Gayhart and Associates to enhance your professional team, you empower your organization with new resources, proven expertise and unrivaled flexibility. As your corporate recruiting and search firm, Gayhart and Associates acts as an extension of your organization.

We begin by learning the inner workings of your company and the requirements of the position which is to be filled. Upon understanding your organization's unique needs, we will develop a strategic plan designed to achieve results. By utilizing a mix of proprietary research materials, proven industrial psychology methods and individualized sourcing techniques, Gayhart and Associates will move forward to identify qualified, motivated candidates who meet your specialized requirements. Because we recognize that each search is unique, we pride ourselves on applying all of our extensive resources to fulfill the specific requirements of each assignment we undertake. All prospective candidates are prescreened with regard to experience, motivation, relocation, aspirations and expectations. Extensive effort is made to ensure each candidate's credibility.

Gayhart and Associates recognizes that timely completion of your search is essential. We will keep you apprised of our progress and provide you with frequent updates. By working closely with you throughout all phases of the search process, we assure that a sense of urgency is maintained, critical deadlines are met and your company's confidentiality is protected. Once you decide to meet one-on-one with selected candidates, Gayhart and Associates can serve you further by providing private interviewing suites within our Cleveland riverfront offices. We participate in the negotiation process and offer expert assistance in the finalization of compensation arrangements, benefits and relocation issues. Call us at 216-861-7010 or click here to contact us by email!