Our Search Process

We have developed our search process over the last 30 years to ensure success. The following nine steps are undertaken for each engagement.

1) DEVELOPMENT OF THE POSITION DESCRIPTION We start by working with you to develop a detailed description of the position to be filled. The description will include major duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships, and expected accomplishments.

2) DETERMINE THE QUALIFICATIONS Working together, we define the "must have" as well as the "like to have" skill set, experience and qualifications of the ideal candidate. This includes product/process knowledge, education, years of experience and industry familiarity.

3) UNDERSTANDING THE CULTURE Every organization is unique. By understanding the culture of your company, we can take our screening process beyond just the technical fit to make certain the selected candidate will thrive.

4) ASSEMBLING THE SEARCH TEAM Once engaged, we assemble a team of experienced consultants to begin the assignment. Members of the team are chosen based on relevant industry experience.

5) SOURCING Using proprietary research materials and techniques and proven methodologies, we source locally and nationwide to find the best available candidiates. Be assured confidentiality is always maintained.

6) SCREENING Prospective candidates are screened to the agreed upon position description and qualifications. Further evaluation takes place to ensure success in your culture.

7) SUBMITTAL Only candidates that meet your requirements are submitted for review and discussion. Interviews for selected candidates are then coordinated through our team.

8) INTERVIEW PREP/DEBRIEF As part of our process, we will prep candidates before and debrief after all interviews to determine both suitability and interest for the position.

9) NEGOTIATION/CLOSE/RESIGNATION/TRANSITION Upon selection of the desired candidate, we work to negotiate a salary and benefit package that is fair and equitable for both parties. We then will close the candidate, establish a start date, prep the candidate for resignation and maintain contact with both the client and candidate to facilitate a smooth transition.